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  The aerospace industry as a manifestation of the country's industrial strength, in the global industry 4 "and" 2025 China driven manufacturing ", undoubtedly become the core industry of our country manufacturing industry. "Chinese aerospace manufacturing industry as a strategic industry of our country, after dozens of unremitting efforts, has established a relatively complete technical system." China Aerospace Vehicle Association Deputy Secretary General, Mr. Fan Houjun said, "but with the high and new technology to lead the high-end technology and equipment application in aerospace manufacturing, aerospace manufacturing industry in China also urgently need to learn, exchange and the introduction of advanced technology and equipment of better."

  The second session of the China Aerospace Manufacturing Technology thematic exhibition will be held in Nanjing International Expo Center on 19-22 October 2015. The exhibition as one of the three major characteristics of the theme exhibition of the Fifth China (Nanjing) International Metal Processing Exhibition AMB China2015, intended to promote the aerospace manufacturing technology of communication, for the show aerospace manufacturing enterprises of advanced technology and products. And during the same period, the organization of Aerospace Science and technology related forum, will make full use of AMB China deep German industrial resources, exchange advanced technology at the same time, discuss industrial 4.0 "and" made in China 2025 "of Chinese aviation manufacturing industry influence and China Aerospace manufacturing industry future development direction.
  The focus of professional customers, create a professional platform
  "China's aerospace manufacturing industry has entered the fast track of development, the future will usher in an important strategic opportunity for rapid development of 15 years. Moreover, civil aviation and aerospace fields are more active in the national policy support, more and more private enterprises with strong capital to enter the field of aerospace, has injected new vitality into the aerospace industry." Mr. Fan Jun said, "so, both military and civilian aerospace products of advanced tooling technology and equipment to form a strong strong demand. For more information we need to be more professional and international platform to acquire advanced technology and equipment."
  It is understood, the first "China Aerospace Manufacturing Technology thematic exhibition" in 2014 in Nanjing International Expo Center was held successfully, China Aerospace Vehicle Association and Nanjing Stuttgart jointly organized the nearly 30 units concentrated display of high technology and products for high-end Aerospace tools, measuring tools, CNC, precision measurement, display area of about 3000 square meters. "First 'China Aerospace Manufacturing Technology thematic exhibition' was a huge success, exhibitors to show the effect of very satisfied, greatly exceeded expectations, in obtaining information of potential customers, enhance the visibility and signed on the spot and other aspects have different forms of harvest." Mr. Fan Jun said.
  AVIC Guizhou southwest tool (Group) Co., Ltd., deputy general manager of Shi Biao Mr. after attending the first session of the exhibition said: "I have always thought that professional exhibition, a comprehensive exhibition more targeted and attractive, more rapid customer focus, AMB China hosted the" China Aerospace Manufacturing Technology Exhibition "to target customers with clear direction. Visitors can also quickly retrieved to the need to visit the object, and thus a attention; and thematic exhibition can also allow exhibitors don't have to spend too much energy to deal with the unexpected, somewhat less confusion, let us quickly reached show itself the preset target." Guizhou aircraft industry (Group) Co., Ltd. southwest tools under the general aviation industry's aircraft company, has forty years of experience in manufacturing and R & D design tool. Not only participated in the 2014 first "Chinese Aerospace Manufacturing Technology Exhibition", 2015 exhibition will be a grand display of its modern tool of new products.
  Professional services, international platform
  "China Aerospace Manufacturing Technology Exhibition" is one of the three major characteristics of the theme exhibition of AMB China Expo 2015, adhering to the AMB China 'advanced technology for the benefit of China "development philosophy, we make full use of AMB China a wide range of industrial resources to provide the maximum value of value-added services for customers, to create a truly professional international professional platform." Nanjing Stuttgart Joint Exhibition Co. Ltd. industry technology group director Mr. Zheng Shuchao said.
  It is reported that in 2015 during the second session of the "Chinese Aerospace Manufacturing Technology Exhibition", in addition to the southwest of Guizhou with AVIC Systems tools (Group) Co. Ltd., Qingdao sentinel pneumatic tools manufacturing Co. Ltd, Shaanxi aviation Hongfeng Precision Machinery Tool Company and AVIC Lianzhong CNC Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and a number of national key industry unit exhibitors, the exhibition organizers will also invite many China aviation industry research group, technical personnel and leaders such as Shenyang Aircraft Industry Group Co. Ltd., Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group Co. Ltd. and other units of the manufacturing and purchasing department to visit the exhibition, to understand the information, to discuss cooperation.
  The two consecutive to participate in the exhibition of Qingdao Qianshao pneumatic tools manufacturing technology Co., Ltd. chief engineer Li Hong said: "AMB China International Exhibition concept and the advanced technology, let us to 'industrial 4.0' closer to the feelings, we sincerely hope that through in AMB China 'aerospace manufacturing technology topics show' to learn the more advanced technology, improve their ability, to make up for deficiencies, and better to everybody to show themselves."