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TNA300-1 High precision turning center

Main technical specifications:
Maximum swing over bed:  Φ520mm
Maximum swing over Saddle:   Φ395mm
Maximum turning diameter (shaft / plate):  Φ220/Φ310mm
Maximum length of workpiece:   450mm
Diameter of A5 spindle hole:  Φ58 mm
Feed speed range X/Z:   0-10,000mm/min
Maximum moving speed X/Z:  15/10/m/min
Full travel X/Z:  210/450mm
Resolution of the system:    0.00lmm
The main motor power:   7.5/11kW (wide area motor)
The turret station number:  12
Knife tool change style:  the hydraulic drive ,on the shortest path
Knife tool change time:    0.35/0.15s
The cutter repeat positioning accuracy: 3"
The precision of the machine tool standard:  VDI/DGQ3441
The positioning accuracy of machine tool X/Z/:   0.006mm/0.008mm
Machine tool repeatability X/Z:  0.0025mm/0.004mm
Total power:  22 kw
Control system:   TX8i-p
Gross / net weight:  4500 kg
Overalldimensions:  2700mm/1620mm/1800mm

Technical specifications:1, spindle 

Spindle head A5

The main motor torque    200Nm
Speed range  50-5600rpm
2, C axis
The speed     0-100rpm
Resolution    0.001 degree
3, knife
The knife seat standard     VDI-30 12 station
Lathe tool cutter size     20X20mm
The inner hole of tool rod size (maximum)     32mm
4, hydraulic tank
Hydraulic tank capacity     70 liters
Pressure       70bar
The flow      6 liters /min
5, cooling system
The water tank capacity    275 liters
Coolant pressure        5bar
The coolant flow     28 L /min